Founder – Daniel Derrick
Address: 1495 S Black Ridge Drive, Bldg B, St. George Utah, 84770
Telephone 435-674-5456; Fax 435-674-5476
Email – [email protected]
Arizona License ROC220731;  Nevada License 0048465; and Utah License E-200, #13302605-5501; all licenses as “Electrical Contractor”.
Statement of Qualifications: Daniel Derrick is the Founder and President of Southland Electric established in 1992. Dan received his MBA in 1987 from Utah State University; Master Electrician Certification in 1992 in Utah as an Industrial, Commercial, Residential and High Voltage Electrical Contractor.  Employs full-time, licensed, electricians.  Southland Electric has regular, full-time, crews operating throughout the company service area of Northwest Arizona, Eastern Nevada, and Southern Utah as job requirements dictate.
Southland Electric, is a member of the Association of General Contractors (AGC) and the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), which provides continuing education for the electricians employed by Southland Electric. Southland Electric complies with the provisions of the current year National Electrical Code (NEC).